Really Serious Professional Stuff

I like to talk, especially by using words. Sometimes entire sentence. I’d been doing it for most of my life.

Then, in 1990 or so, somebody offered to pay me for it. Is this a great world or what?

Better still, after a few years of droning for dollars in real sound studios here and there, I found out it could be done just as effectively from home.

In my Silver Surfer jammies! With a beer in one hand! Is this a fantabulous world or what?

So it’s important that I use a portion of this site to milk some more voice gigs. In business, we call that netfessional proworking. Or professional networking. Not sure. I always forget.

It also lets me deduct the site cost as a yearly expiness busense or something. My tax accountant knows.

Aynway, it’s very important. So – INSERT CATCHY BUSINESS SLOGAN HERE –

  • Let my voice be your voice
  • Give me moolah to mumble
  • I’ll speak for you
  • Pay me wampum to warble
  • I put the STUD in studio

And then this really professional, tax-deductible page should properly display the logos of a few of the fine outfits that have used my services:

logo1               logo4                      logo5               logo6                        logo7








Plus all the clients who couldn’t afford to have both both logos and me, including:


                                    TED’S BAIT SHOP AND HAIR SALON (Now closed)




(Museum for Everyone of Norwegian Serf Ancestors)


That really angry guy in Newfoundland and Labrador who really lost it when my upper plate slipped and I sounded like Chewbacca for a few minutes

AND TO REALLY DRIVE THE POINT HOME TO SERIOUS PEOPLE ACTUALLY HERE TO CHECK OUT MY PROFESSIONAL CAPABILITIES AND BUSINESS CREDENTIALS (ignoring my obvious stupidity in spending four hours to publish a page that will save me all of $16.34 cents in 2018 taxes), I MUST NOW FIGURE OUT HOW TO INCLUDE VITAL LINKS:

IMDB Credits  

Video Game

Cartoon VO

Voicing Tutorial



So you can see I’m a very serious professional with a real nifty (tax-deductible) page featuring words, sentences, photos, audio, and video.

If you’d like to hire me and send bales of money, or – better yet – simply send bales of money, please contact me.

But hurry. Though self-employed, I’m considering lay-offs to reduce costs. That’s just the kind of thing we savvy business types must consider.